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Free Microchipping for Dogs

logoDT Argyll Vets has a long association with Dogs Trust and are very pleased to be a part of their campaign for FREE microchipping of all dogs through veterinary practices from April 1st 2014 to March 31st 2015.

Compulsory microchipping for dogs will come into force in England from April 6th 2016. 

ALL dogs will be eligible for free microchipping (they don't have to have come from the Dogs Trust). 

Find out more about the benefits of microchipping and the Dogs Trust's commitment to microchip dogs for free on their website by clicking on the logo above.

To make your free microchipping appointment just call one of our surgeries.

Leptospirosis - A changing disease

Leptospirosis vaccines have been available for over five decades. All of them targeted the two most common forms of the bacterium.dogs_in_river However, in recent years, across the UK and Europe, new varieties of Leptospirosis have emerged and in many cases are more prevalent than the original strains.

For this reason, experts have recommended the use of newer vaccines which target four strains of the disease rather than two.

At Argyll Vets we want the best for our patients and we have swapped over to the new vaccine. All dogs coming in for their boosters will be getting the most up to date protection. It does require a course of two injections, four weeks apart but there is no additional charge compared to a normal booster vaccination.

If you'd like more information about the risks of leptospirosis and how to ensure your dog is adequately protected, read on below or come and talk to a member of staff here at the clinic.


Our Royal Canin range expands



As we constantly strive to offer you the best possible products for your pets we have decided to expand the range of Royal Canin diets that we offer. We now have tailored nutrition for all age and size ranges of dogs and cats and the full range of Prescription diets to allow us to support your pet in sickness and health.

royal_canin_foodsTo find out more about the range and which product would suit your pet please call in and speak to one of the team - we'll be happy to advise you.

To find out more you can also check out the website at Royal Canin

Any new puppies and kittens registering with us will get a voucher for a free bag of food.

Healthy pet club loyalty cards are still valid

If you currently have a Hills loyalty card, we are delighted to confirm that these will be honored and that you will be able to complete your card with the equivalent Royal Canin diet so that you can still claim your 6th bag free.

We are also pleased to confirm that Royal Canin Are happy to continue the food loyalty scheme - buy 5 get 6th free - applicable to the whole range of Royal Canin diets  - wet and dry - tins, pouches and bags. When you have completed your current loyalty card, your practice will give you a new Royal Canin card to start. And you will of course continue to enjoy 10% off every purchase of food!

Find out more about joining the Healthy Pet Club here


Compulsory Microchipping

HPC-dogFrom 6th April 2016, new Government legislation will make it compulsory for every dog owner to have their dogs microchipped.

Argyll Veterinary Clinic would like to offer our microchipping service for the fantastic discounted price of £9.99 (inc VAT)

Not only can we offer this service for your dog but also your cats and rabbits too!

If you join our Healthy Pet Club, microchipping, along with other great benefits, will be included as part of the plan with no extra charge.


So give us a call and book an appointment for microchipping or speak to our staff about joining the Healthy Pet Club.

Something smells fishy!

 The sun is out and the surf is calling. You may be tempted to head out for a walk with your canine companion along the rocky shoreline or just potter about near the sea wall to watch the bracing surf at a distance. But do be cautious – aside from rip-tides, steep cliffs, sun exposure, and adders, our four-legged friends seem to have more perils to contend with by the Sea.

The North Devon coast is riddled with rocky coves and sea walls that see their fair share of active fishing enthusiasts. Often bait and shiny lures are placed unattended on the ground near these areas...or are found in either the fish, rubbish or seagulls that happened to have the unfortunate encounter with them. The smell of baited hooks and the shiny baubles often attached to them can be irresistible for many dogs. And the barbs on these hooks can be unforgiving.


Poor Murphy was a victim of his own inquisitive nature. His owner was in the process of disposing of this encountered nuisance when Murphy intervened for a sniff. Murphy was lucky in several ways – the fish hook had only one barb and the insulting injury was external...other dogs swallow the fish-hooks with bait and line still attached which then requires either oral, oesophageal or abdominal surgery to 'fish them out' again! In Murphy's case, sedation was still required to push the barbed end through the tip of the nose after the tail end had been cut away with wire cutters. Murphy made an excellent recovery much to his owner's relief.

Always keep your pet under control and away from open tackle boxes and casting areas, unattended fishing debris, and any waste that has been washed up on the shore. If you see fishing line hanging from your dog's mouth, do not attempt to pull. A barb embedded in the mouth, oesophagus, or stomach may be at the other end of the line and pulling may cause serious injury. If the fish hook has become embedded in the paw, keep calm, try to gently bandage the paw and cover the barbed hook (to prevent in also becoming stuck in tongue or nose) and seek immediate veterinary attention.


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